Ars Brunensis

Ars Brunensis is a mixed vocal group that has been contributing to the cultural life for more than thirty nine years now. It has gained recognition for the high artistic level of its production, which is appreciated especially in its interpretations of the Baroque music. The activities of the Ars Brunensis do not, however, cover only the field of the classical music. The chorus participates also in projects concerned with other music genres (jazz, folklore, musical, alternative music, etc.).
Ars Brunensis gives concerts on regular basis both in the Czech Republic and abroad. It is regularly invited to music festivals, and it also collaborates with high profile ensembles, artists, theatres and cultural institutions both from the Czech and foreign cultural scene. A wide range of its concerts have been recorded by the radio or television. Furthermore, over the last few years the chorus has appeared in opera and musical performances. The choir’s recordings of incidental music are used on the stage of highly regarded theatres. It cooperates with a number of contemporary authors, but a long standing cooperation has developed particularly with Vladimír Franz.
Ars Brunensis has been involved in the creation of more than twenty CDs.
The founder of the choir was Jan Rozehnal. The other choirmasters were e.g. Stanislav Kummer and Tomáš Hanus. In the years 1993 – 2002 the chorus was conducted by Roman Válek. The current choirmaster is Dan Kalousek.
Ars Brunensis is a civic association and as such it organizes cultural events, cooperates with institutions that are active in the cultural field, promotes the music art and supports fledgling professional artists.

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