Concerto Aventino

CONCERTO AVENTINO was founded by Jakub Kydlíček as instrumental ensemble. In the forefront of the ensemble’s interest is the presentation of programs and projects that reveal the often lesser-known face of European music from the end of 17th and 18th centuries. Concerto Aventino has created a number of projects focused on key moments in the development of the European Baroque and Renaissance: “European connections” (orchestral music by J.F. Rebel, G. Muffat and J.D. Zelenka), “Vivaldi revisited” (with a cast of only! female voices ) and more. In the dramaturgy of the ensemble, more and more attention is focused on pre-Baroque music – the programs “Nove e curios” and “Nell’inconstanza” present the audience with the repertoire of the early Italian Baroque and the dawn of instrumental virtuosity. The ensemble also performed several stage productions: G. B. Pergolesi’s opera intermezzo Livietta e Tracollo and music for the comedy dell’arte Commedia nova Amorosa, or Handel’s serenade Aci, Galatea e Polifemo. Concerto Aventino does not shy away from less orthodox projects either – as part of the Czech-German cooperation, the ensemble launched the Explorationen-traditionen project, or the combination of old music and new film.


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To this date we have organized for you 1279 Concerts