Eva Vrbková

Eva Vrbková is a Czech actress, singer and composer. She began to devote herself to theater from young people in the Brno Studio Dům with director Eva Tálská. She also later brought her to the Goose on a String Theater, where she began her professional acting career in 1997. Let’s recall some of the roles they play here: Viktorka in Grandma, followed by Ropewalkers in Circus or Death and Horse with Me, Eržika in Ballad for a Bandit, Princess in Rusalka, Sutherland and Sarah Cushing in an adaptation of Sherlock Holmes stories, a significant acting opportunity ride director Morávek’s provider in the project One Hundred Years of the Cobra (she portrayed Nastasy Filipovna in Idiot, Lisa in the part called Stavrogin is the Devil and Lisa Chochlapova in the Karamazov Brothers). In 2004, she was nominated for the Alfred Radok Award for her role as Nastasja Filipovna. For the role of Iva in Robert Sedláček’s film The Family is the Foundation of the State, she received the Trilobit Award, and her role was also nominated for the Film Critics Award and the Czech Lion. He is a guest at the Comedy Theater, the National Theater, the Švand Theater, etc. He also creates his own music, for example for the performance Cry baby cry, or for the film Handy Girls directed by Lenka Wimmerová. It organizes personal development workshops through acting, singing or movement.

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