Haydn Ensemble

New Czech Haydn Ensemble was founded in 2016 by Martin Petrák (VENTI DIVERSI ensemble, Musika Antiq /Aria /), bassoonist of Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, who is also the artistic director of the ensemble.

In season 2020 Czech Haydn Ensemble will present a unique range of repertoire, chamber and orchestral programs, which will hear works by world composers of the era of Baroque and Classicism. Extraordinary chamber and orchestral repertoire combined with performance on modern instruments, the study informed performance and natural musicality individual musicians testifies to the great love these unique musicians to music.

Czech Haydn Ensemble draws on a wealth of experience from a first-class historical, modern ensembles and great orchestras: Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Collegium 1704, Collegium Marianum, Ensemble Inégal, Prague Baroque Ensemble, Harmonia Delectabilis, Venti Diversi ensemble, Musica Antiq /Aria /), Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, Prague Symphony Orchestra, Prague Philharmonia and more …


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