Hilda Gulyás

Hilda Gulyás graduated from the Bratislava State Conservatory and majored in voice (J. Billová) and church music (D. Bill, P. Reiffers). She studied also musicology (Comenius University) and Catholic theology (Trnava University). As a member of Chamber Choir of Bratislava State Conservatory (1997 – 2010) she specialized as a solo singer of sacred music from the Baroque and Classical periods as well as contemporary church music which she performed in European countries, the USA and the Middle East. She cooperates with such ensembles as the  Solamente naturali, Musica aeterna, Il cuore barocco, Collegium Wartberg, ZOE, Slovak Chamber orchestra.  Her church music activities are connected with the Franciscan church of The Annunciation of the Lord in Bratislava (Franciscan schola Bratislava, Schola minor). She teaches at the Bratislava State Conservatory in the department of church music and singing.

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