Igor Orozovič

Igor Orozovič studied musical acting at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory and then drama acting at DAMU in Prague, which he graduated from in 2010 with the title role of Molière’s Tartuff and the role of Dr. Dorna in Chekhov’s Rack. In the last year of DAMU, he received the Jiří Adamíra Award, which is awarded by the Life of an Artist Foundation. In 2016 and 2017 he also taught acting at DAMU.

In 2009, he won the audition for the title role of Sophocles’ Oedipus in the play of the Moravian-Silesian National Theater in Ostrava and at the same time received a permanent engagement there. Over the course of four seasons, he played a number of roles, such as Mozart in Shaffer’s Amadeo, for which he was nominated for the Alfred Radok Award in the Talent category and the OST-RA-VAR Theater Festival Award.

Since 2013 he has been a member of the Drama of the National Theater in Prague. He has already created many diverse roles here – for example: Švanda in Strakonice’s bagpiper JK Tyl, Mr. Cvrček in Čapkov From the Life of Insects, Jiří Traxler in O. Havelka’s review My heart beats in the rhythm of swing (2016 .

In 2009, together with Milan Šotek and Jiří Suchý from Tábor, he founded Cabaret Calembour, which develops the poetics of small-form theaters and literary cabaret. He writes music for all performances and participates in lyrics. Cabaret Calembour has found its home stage in the Pod Palmovkou Theater and is a regular guest on the stage of the Ypsilon Theater with the play Plejtvák, which won the Alfred Radok Award in the Best Original Czech Play of 2013 category. In 2018, Paseka Publishing House published the collected writings of Cabaret Calembour All the Best, charting ten years of its activity. In addition to the texts, the book also contains Orozovič’s authorial illustrations.

He has also acted in a number of films and television series (Bella Mia, Improbable Romance, Forbidden Release, Laputa, Photographer, Rapl, Polda, The Case of Two Sisters, Living Targets, Trap). Listeners can meet his characteristic voice in the recordings: Jiří Traxler – Life in the Rhythm of Swing (2019, Supraphon); Raduza – Coal Miner, Prince and Dragon (2019, Supraphon); Černá Petra (2019, Czech Radio); Ballad for a Bandit (2017, Radio Service); Ray Bradbury – Ghost Tree (2016, Plus). His music for children released the album Piggy Pigy and a magical postcard full of songs (2018, Supraphon – nomination for Audiobook of the Year).

Igor Orozovič speaks English, French and Serbian. He plays the piano, sings, and devotes himself to art. The author participates in the musical part of the special evenings of the National Theater Nová krev. He is also an occasional guest of the programs Barování Sandra Nováková and Filip Rajmont in Malostranská beseda in Prague.

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