Jan Zemen studied cello at the Conservatory in Pardubice with Josef Krečmer and the Prague Academy of Performing Arts with prof. Miroslav Petráš. He then completed his studies at the Hochshule fur musik in Lucerne, Switzerland with Mark Jerie. 

Jan has been presenting himself as a soloist since his studies. He has performed with the Hradec Králové Philharmonic, the Pardubice Chamber Philharmonic, the North Bohemian Philharmonic in Teplice, the Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra, and the West Bohemian Symphony Orchestra in Mariánské Lázně. 

In addition to his solo career, he specializes in chamber music, especially in the Kalliope trio Prague and Barocco semper giovanne, where he is a founding member and regular soloist. 

The main focus of his activity, however, is pedagogical and musically educational activities. Since 2013 he has been a teacher at the Pardubice Conservatory and also teaches at the Habrmanova Art School in Hradec Králové. 

His regular activity is the organization of music interpretation courses in Opočno in the Eagle Mountains. www.likopocno.cz 

An interesting chapter is promotional activities, and it will undoubtedly include an unconventional ensemble of four Prague Cello Quartet cellists. Jan plays the instrument Karel Joseph Dvořák 1946.

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