Jiří N. Jelínek

In the years 1993–2002, he was the violinist of the Prague Student Orchestra under the artistic direction of Mirko Škampa. He studied acting at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theater at DAMU, where he played many roles in the Disk Theater (Solený from Three Sisters, Bettelheimave The Incinerator, Vladimir and Estragon in Waiting for Godot, etc.).

He made a guest appearance at the National Theater for the first time while still studying as Orlík in Pitín’s adaptation of Božena Němcová’s Grandmother and later appeared here in the Beggar’s Opera. He is currently active in the international theater group NIE Theatre, where he participated in the productions of “Tales From The Middle Of Town” in England and “HAV” in Oslo, Norway, directed by Alex Byrne and Kjell Moberg. In Prague, you can also see him as Tony D. (Antonín Dvořák) in the production of the same name at the Rubín Theatre. He also participates in various productions associated with street theater as a performer, stilt walker and musician.

In 2009, he founded the dance and acrobatic group of stilt walkers Long Vehicle Circus, whose first premiere took place as part of the Czech National Day at EXPU 2010 in Shanghai. As a violinist and singer, he performs in the Balkan klezmer band Fekete Seretlek, with which he recorded a CD in 2008.

He played larger or smaller roles in front of the camera under the direction of directors Hideki Takeuchi, Karel Smyczko, Christoph Stark, Gary K. Griffin, etc. He also works in theater photography and poster creation (Grandmother’s Valley exhibition at the National Theater in 2008).


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