Les Affranchi·e·s

Les Affranchi·e·s unites musicians from the worlds of classical chamber music, baroque historical performance and contemporary music. Through performance on historical and modern instruments the collective explores new ways of revisiting both known and lesser-known musical repertoires. One of the aims of the group is to (re)create links between multiple artistic disciplines and the different worlds that created them. The projects of the group aim to bring together both art music and traditional musics handed down through oral transmission, with a particular emphasis on highlighting both cultural heritage and new projects.

Many of the collective’s programmes are inspired by other media, such as literature and investigative journalism, or even cooking and gastronomy. With each programme there is a common desire: to bring to the stage and to our audiences the irresistible vitality of music! Through a certain freedom from the constraints of classical concert traditions, the “Affranchi·e·s” hope to create a new bond with the public, often in new performance spaces unlike traditional concert halls and theatres.

The collective has already performed in several festivals, including the Festival “Le cercle de musique” in Tarascon and the Cordes-sur-ciel Festival. The Affranchi·e·s work closely with artists from different backgrounds, such as the countertenor Filippo Mineccia, the mezzosoprano Eleonore Pancrazi, and the percussionists Ersoj Kazimov and Fouad Achkir.

Les Affranchi·e·s:
Giulia Barbini – flute
Anne Camillo – violin
Pierre Charles – cello
Hélène Decoin – violin
Benjamin Narvey – theorbe and baroque guitar
Lilas Réglat – double bass
Martin Roux – oboe
Antoine Pecqueur – bassoon


To this date we have organized for you 1284 Concerts