Lobkowicz Trio

All three members of Lobkowicz Trio are renowned soloists and chamber players. The ensemble embraced their experience from many stages home and abroad on the International Johannes Brahms Competition 2014 in Pörtschach, Austria, where they won the First Prize and the Prize of the Audience. Lobkowicz Trio are also laureates of Dvořák International Competition in Prague. The ensemble is bound to perform at prestigious festivals in Austria and Italy during this and the next seasons. Thanks to their coordination, convincing interpretation, precise technical level and refined intonation, the ensemble attracts recognition of the audiences and the professional community alike. Lobkowicz Trio consult prominent Czech artists, e.g. prof. Ivan Klánský, prof. Miroslav Petráš or prof. Pavel Hůla.
The ensemble’s name points to a traditional connection of Lobkowicz house with many composers of the 18th and 19th centuries. Ludwig van Beethoven dedicated his Triple Concerto for piano, violin, violoncello and orchestra, one of the highlights of trio repertoire, to the Lobkowicz. The ensemble received permission to use this name from Mr. Jaroslav Lobkowicz.

Lukáš Klánský – piano
Jan Mráček – violin
Ivan Vokáč – violoncello

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