Martin Jakubíček

He was born in 1965 in Brno into a family of musicians. In the years 1980-86 he attended the conservatory, harpsichord and composition. He continued at JAMU, where he dealt extensively with improvisation. He represented JAMU at the J. S. Bach International Organ Competition in Leipzig and at the Prague Spring Organ Competition. He won the main prizes at the Interpretation Competition of the Czechoslovak Republic and the SVOČ. He expanded his knowledge at master classes in Millstadt, Austria. In addition to solo concert activities (harpsichord, organ, hammer piano), Martin Jakubíček works as an artistic director of renowned chamber groups, as a founding member of ensembles dealing with the stylistic interpretation of Renaissance and Baroque music. He collaborates with our and foreign chamber orchestras. He is a sought-after accompaniment of choirs (Ars Brunensis, Brno Academic Choir, Kantiléna, Czech Philharmonic Choir Brno, Moravan, Moravian Teachers) and soloists (Kožená, Stivín, Hudeček, Šporcl, Novák). It is also significantly exposed in smaller chamber ensembles (Duo Seraphim, Concordia duo, Flores musicae, Duo 415). In an effort to be as authentic as possible, Martin Jakubíček uses top copies of keyboard instruments (English Virginal – 1650 Keene, hammer piano – 1795 Walter, replica of a baroque organ positive, clavichord – 19th century). He regularly performs in a number of European countries (Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark, Germany, Poland, etc.). He collaborates with Czech Radio and Czech Television. He has performed on the recordings of many dozens of CDs, and works as an organist in Brno’s churches. Equally important is his composing and arranging activities. It covers folk music (Broln, Hradišťan, J. Černý), folk music (Tabard, Cimbal classic, V. Rédl), rock music (Angelus novus) and, last but not least, classical music (Canticum novum, Fagotti Brunenses, Madrigal quintet). For his versatility, Martin Jakubíček is a sought-after figure on the contemporary music scene.

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