The Military Artistic Ensemble ONDRÁŠ

The Military Artistic Ensemble ONDRÁŠ is a professional artistic ensemble established by the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic, based in Brno. It consists of the Folk Instrument Orchestra, dance group, and girls’ choir. Through music, singing, and dance, it presents artistically stylized folklore from the domestic regions of Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia to the audience. Occasionally, it also explores related regions of Central and Eastern Europe (e.g., Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, or Romania). In addition to working with folk material, Ondráš also engages in crossovers into other music and dance genres, creating original programs.

The ensemble has been active since 1954 and has evolved into its current form, a nearly one hundred-member collective, consisting of a professional core supplemented by a substantial number of external members. The program range offers a wide spectrum of performances, from smaller, purely accompanying events of a representative nature to educational dance performances for schools and more extensive dance-theatrical programs.

During its existence, the ensemble has performed in many countries worldwide. In recent years, it has undertaken tours in Japan, collaborated with state ensembles of the Visegrád Group countries, and participated in renowned military band festivals, such as The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in the UK and The Netherlands Military Tattoo in Rotterdam. In collaboration with Czech embassies and allied bases, VUS Ondráš has performed in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Slovakia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Croatia, and many other countries.

VUS Ondráš regularly organizes a two-day charity event called “Večery s Ondrášem” (Evenings with Ondráš), where audiences have the opportunity to see the best of the repertoire in the picturesque setting of the Špilberk Castle courtyard in Brno. In the last months of the year, during the Advent season, Ondráš traditionally performs throughout the country with a series of concerts featuring Christmas themes.

Director of the ensemble: Lt. Col. Mgr. Aleš Krkoška Head of the artistic department: MgA. Lukáš Bednařík


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