Ondřej Ruml

Singer, actor and award-winning “Singer of the Year” in the Žebřík music poll, Ruml is one of the guiding lights in our current music scene. His second-to-last album, introducing Ježek, Voskovec, and Werich (2014) captivated not only listeners but also music critics who appreciated the sensitive and at the same time individual approach to song adaptations that many consider inviolable.
In 2016, he participated in the implementation of the challenging Leonard Bernstein: MASS project as a member of the Street Chorus. Apart from numerous other activities, Ruml’s performance in the extraordinary Michal Horáček’s theatre project entitled Kudykam and his participation in Horáček’s Czech Calendar, are not to be missed. He starred in musicals such as Joan of Arc, Quasimodo, Hamlet, and others. At present, Ruml can be seen on the stage of the Divadlo pod Palmovkou, where, as a member of the Indigo Theatre Company, he plays the role of Algernon in Oscar Wilde’s comedy The Importance of Being Earnest. At Ypsilon Studio he performs in the comedy Rusalka Not Only by Dvořák aka Who Is Old Háta. Ruml has also participated in many important concert events (e.g. a opening act for the French singer ZAZ, Michal Horáček Tribute, Barování in Lucerna, Night at Karlštejn Live, Petr Hapka Lives in the O2 Arena, etc.).
Ondřej Ruml sings swing music with big bands across the country and regularly performs with the jazz band Matej Benko Quintet. He also performs solo with his One Man Show, using a loop machine – a device that allows him to sing whole songs by recording audio loops in real-time concerts. His latest work includes the vocal album Nahubu (2016), which is exceptional in that all voices and sounds were sung by Ondřej himself without the use of any other musical instruments. He was a nominee for the “Singer of the Year” in the prestigious Anděl Award competition (2016).

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