Tadas Motiečius

During the last ten years, Tadas Motiečius has appeared in many European scenes and festivals, participated in international seminars and projects. Tadas has been the winner of the Queen Morta Prize and more than thirty international competitions in Lithuania and other countries. The accordionist is active in Lithuania, engages in unexpected projects, collaborates with various artists.

Tadas Motiečius is a promising young generation accordion player. He graduated from the Saulius Sondeckis Art School in Šiauliai and Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater (Raimondas Sviackevičius class).

Tadas started learning music quite late – at ten. But two years later his competitive and concert activities began. The performance of the young musician is characterized by sincerity and freshness. This talented accordionist performs mesmerizingly in solo and in various ensembles, ranging from classical and modern, original accordion compositions to light music and subtle jazz.


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