Vytautas Kiminius

Vytautas Kiminius is one of the most prominent birbyne player in Lithuania, studying performance art in the class of the oboist professor Robertas Beinaris, in Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Currently Vytautas is an intern in the class of the oboist Alessandro Baccini in Conservatiorio di Verona Evaristo Felice Dall‘abaco, in Italy.

Vytautas is the first and only Lithuanian birbyne professional, who is studying birbyne performance art outside Lithuania and is representing the instrument’s capabilities by performing classical worldwide know pieces.

In 2016, Vytautas graduated as Master of Symphony Orchestra Conducting in the class of professor Juozas Domarkas. Wanting to continue his education and deepen his knowledge, Vytautas returned to Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre for the studies of the Master of birbyne performance.

In the same year, he received a diploma from the Minister of Education of Lithuania for creative ideas and their implementation in organization of Lithuanian song festival “You Are One for Us” (Tu mums viena), and for fostering cultural values while working with Lithuanian youth.

In 2016, Vytautas conducted Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, prepared a program with Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra; conducted in Lithuanian Song Celebration, Ensemble Evening.

In 2015, Vytautas introduced birbyne to the whole world: he played during live broadcast of the project “The Sound of Europe” on Deutsche Welle. During the same trip, Vytautas presented Lithuanian culture by performing in German Federal Ministry of Finance.

Vytautas Kiminius graduated from Bachelor of Birbyne Performance Art in Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in 2014, in the class of assist. Kęstutis Lipeika. During his study years, Vytautas won Grand Prix in the international performers’ contest “Renaissance” in Armenia; is a three-time laureate of Jonas Švedas performers’ contest and has won the first place in the contest of the international association “Menas ir švietimas XXI amžiuje”.

In 2013 was awarded by the President of the Republic of Lithuania with a diploma for international appraisal.

Vytautas participated in the project “Traveling Youth Orchestra” (participants from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, France), where he performed as part of the orchestra and as a soloist throughout Europe.

His musical path has started in Šilutė Art School, in the birbyne class of Vytautas Vaičionis. In 2010 he finished Stasys Šimkus Conservatory in Klaipėda, in the class of Vytautas Zelenis.

Vytautas Kiminius is actively engaged in musical activity, constantly searches for further birbyne – the national instrument of Lithuania – capabilities, and, by using intricate and complex techniques, promotes innovative performance of professional music with birbyne.


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