Ensemble Castelkorn

Ensemble CASTELKORN, founded by Josef Zak in 2016 in Paris, tries to discover and explore the musical treasure from central Europe, specially from Bohemia and Moravia. The principal source of his repertoire is the Musical collection of bishop Liechtnstein-Castelkorn in Kromeriz (CZ), the largest collection of music of 17th century in central-europeen territory.

After the first CD “Lamentevole” which appears in January 2018 by the label Eloquentia (Philippe Maillard), ensemble Castelkorn could be seen and heard on the big stages of baroque music (Utrecht Early Music Festival 2019, Concert for concert season of « Les Concerts Parisiens » in 2019.

Ensemble Castelkorn collaborates with French soprano Claire Lefilliâtre.


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