La Quinta Pars

La Quinta Pars is a young ensemble founded in 2017 by musicians who met as part of their studies at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et Danse in Lyon (CNSMDL). The ensemble focuses on the historical, dynamic and creative restitution of Renaissance music – an unknown and fascinating legacy of renowned French musicians of the 16th century.

In 2019, the La Quinta Pars ensemble performed regularly in Lyon – both in collaboration with the CNSMDL (Musée des Tissus, Goethe Institut, Chapel Hôtel-Dieu) and independently (StClair de Caluire and St-Georges).

In addition to Lyon, the ensemble has performed in other French cities – in Marseille as a “young talent” at the Mars en Baroque festival, in Besançon at the Horizons en Musique festival and also at concerts in the Nice region during July 2019. The ensemble is currently advancing to the finals. Young Talents Sinfonia 2020 in Périgord, taking place in August 2020. Combining the sound of violins and violas da gamb with timbers of recorder and lute allows you to create a wide range of colors, emphasizing the sound and expressiveness of a very wide repertoire of French chansons. These chansons are polyphonic compositions based on a dialogue of 3 to 6 melodic voices, “suitable for both voice and performance on various instruments” (Susato 1543). Purely instrumental music genres are also represented in our repertoire: dance, ricercary and virtuoso diminution.

Although this music was once commonly interpreted by ensembles combining different musical instruments (thus facilitating the understanding of the often complex polyphony of the compositions), today this practice is almost rare. And it is precisely how courtiers, burghers, artists or craftsmen of the sixteenth-century humanist society could hear and perform this music that we are trying to bring closer. Internationally renowned musicians, our professionals Pierre Hamon, Rolf Lislevand and Odile Edouard, regularly help with the never-ending work of improving the interpretive and stage performance of La Quinta Pars.

Ondřej Hanuš (Czech Republic): recorders

Fanny Goubault: Renaissance Violin (France)

Haruna Nakaie: viola da gamba (Japan)

Lucas Alvarado (Chile): viola da gamba

Morgan Marquié (France): lute

To this date we have organized for you 1279 Concerts