Martin Petrák

Bassoonist Martin Petrak is the founder and artistic director of the Haydn Ensemble.

It has a wide range of experience in historical and modern music. He started his music career, when he was 9 years old. Subsequently he continued his studies under leading of prof.J.Řezáč (The Czech Nonet) at the Prague Conservatory.During his studies he participated in the 1999 on music courses Szandor Végh under the guidance bassoonist Sergio Azzolini and oboist Maurice Bourgue.

Subsequently, he continued his studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague in the class prof. F.Herman (Ars Rediviva, Czech Philharmonic Orchestra) and J.Seidl (Collegium Musicum Pragenses, Czech Philharmonic), where he began knowledgeable interpretation under the guidance of an excellent musician – organist Lukáš Vendl (Harmonia delectabilis). In the Thesis of the Academy of Music, he realized  – development, production and early Baroque repertoire for bassoon.

After graduating in 2005, he became the member of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra.

In 2006 he founded with vocalist Mark Šulc (Schola Gregoriana Pragenses) instrumental – vocal project focusing on baroque music Musika Antiq /Aria /, which culminated in performing Bach’s cantata „Ich will Kreuzstab day gerne tragen“ BWV 56 for bass solo, choir and orchestra. The ensemble recorded several images dedicated to the music of Vivaldi, G.Händel, W.A.Mozart, F.I.A.Tůma and other …

In 2008 he founded the instrumental ensemble VENTI DIVERSI ensemble, which capitalized on his experiences from previous collaborations with artists from the MA /A / and with whom in the autumn of 2008 he released his debut CD with works G.Ph.Telemann „La Putain“ which won an award „Best CD of 2008” by The Prague Post. The ensemble has over the years introduced at many prestigious Czech and international festivals (Lipa Musica / CZ /, St. Wenceslas Music Festival / CZ /, Ars Antiqua Europae in Via Gothic / SK / etc.) Works by J.S. Bach (Brandenburg Concertos), J.D.Zelenka ( Trio Sonatas), Vivaldi (Sinfonies) G.F.Händel (Water music). The last act of the Venti Diversi ensemble is double album CD „Liturgical Year“, which contains the works of Czech composer F.X.Thuri related to the Church’s liturgical year. The CD was released in 2015.

Martin Petrák is a member of several chamber ensembles: Trio DuBois, PhilHarmonia Octet, Juventus Quintet and more…

Since 2011 he is assistant professor of University in Ostrava – Faculty of Arts.

Martin is also the founder and artistic director of the chamber music festival in Havlíčkův Brod „FESTJAZZ“ which is dedicated to jazz music.


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